PEP 3006 Channel decoder

The task of channel decoder type PEP 3006 is to decode all the 31 digital channels of the ICN 205 conference and INFRAPLEX 2005 interpreter systems into analog format.
The unit asure this way the possibility of listening and recording simultaneously all translated languages which appear on the backboard of the unit in analog format. Tape recorder and multichannel digital soundrecorder can be connected to these lines level sound frequency outputs.
Using the connected headphones the channels of the system can be checked acoustically.
The power supply of PEP 3006 is assured via system cables, it is not demanded additional external power supply source.
Main characteristics:
o Converting the 31 digital sound channels in analog format
o Displaying the active sound channels
o External line output 
o  Possibility for connection of the headphones
o Rack mounted design
o None
For detailed functional description, the overview diagram, the used and indicated parts as well as the technical data of the channel decoder please see „ICN 2005 User Manual” or „INFRAPLEX 2005 User Manual”