ETT 350 Charging-storage case

The charging-storage bag type ETT 350 is used as part of the interpreter system INFRAPLEX 2005 for storage of 50 pcs. of the infrared receivers and for charging the 9 V Ni-MH battery of the receivers.

The robust lockable design of the case assure for receivers the protection during the storage and transportation.
The microprocessor controlled battery charging monitors individually the charging level for every battery and adjust the needed cahrging current according to this.
Main characteristics:
o Designed for receiving 50 units of infrared receiver
o Microprocessor controlled charging power
o Protection against overcharging
o Robust lockable design
o Power supply – 1 pc
o Keys – 2 pc
For detailed functional description, the overview diagram, the used and indicated parts as well as the technical data of the charging-storage bag unit please see „INFRAPLEX 2005 User manual”