AYP 3002 Infrared radiator

The infrared radiator type AYP 3002 is used as part of the interpreter system INFRAPLEX 2005
The task of the infrared radiator is to assure for the infrared receivers the signal issued by the basic unit through the infrared beams.  
The infrared radiators are connected to the central unit type PEP 3001 with 50 Ohm coaxial cabling and serial concatenation. 
Every radiator needs mains power supply (230V, 50Hz). For this reason it is necessary to built out a mains connector in the vicinity of each radiator.
Main characteristics:
o Radiated power 18W
o Radiated volume approx. 450-750m3
o Control through 50Ohm coaxial cable 
o Needs mains power supply
o With the aid of the holding frame can be mounted to the side walls or the ceiling 
o Holding frame - 1 pc
For detailed functional description, the overview diagram, the used and indicated parts as well as the technical data of the infrared radiators please see „INFRAPLEX 2005 User Manual”